There are quite a few steps you can take for protection of your own identity:

  1. Never keep all the documents (with your financial information, Social Security number or other sensitive information)that have any of your personal information, hand written notes etc at all together.
  2. Prefer to locking mailbox: Having a lock on your mailbox can save you from opening your mailbox by any stranger.
  3. Communicate with the post office if there will be any major changes in your mail. Inform them regarding all the details and changes made.
  4. Put your passports and other important documents at some safer place . For example if you?ve got a credit card you don?t normally use, then put that card at home.
  5. Make an habit of changing your passwords? and PIN numbers regularly.
  6. Protect your computer and put it on lock feature. Do not share lock code with others.
  7. Never use simple passwords which can easily be accessible by others. Use them random and differently.
  8. Never share your social security number, passwords, PIN etc with anyone.