With the struggling economy, there comes an seductive cluster of users who have only one intention in mind i.e to get your identity and steal the credit.

Identity theft is spreading throughout the world now a days that one out of every 6 people will have this happen to them sometime in their lifetime.

Can you “shield” yourself from identity theft?

The simple and one word answer to this question is NO.? However, there are many ways that can be used as preventive measures to help from happening the same to you like :-

  1. Never keep all the documents that have any of your personal information, hand written notes etc at all together.
  2. Review bank and credit card statements timely if having doubts of any suspicious activity. Try to review online accounts in a frequent manner.

  3. Try to avoid carrying social security card in your wallet.
  4. Wrap up the keypad when you enter your “PIN” anywhere.
  5. Never provide ANY bank or credit card account information to anyone. No companies will ask for this ever for any purpose.
  6. Keep your credit card to a safer place and out of the reach of anyone.

  7. If you found your credit card stolen by someone, then inform Credit card companies at the same time about the incident. This will stop thefts to increase such incidents in future.
  8. Credit protection is crucial need for all of us. But, in addition to this, make sure that you have a reliable company? to help? you stop these identity thieves.

  9. Need to keep note that banks and credit card companies spend a lot of money every year to prevent us from attacking.