Identity thieves can detect anyone’s personal financial information in many ways like: –

– Collecting garbage for discarded store receipts and credit card statements

– Sending fraud emails which try to trick consumers into revealing their information

– By Stealing bank statements and credit card information

– By trying to spot PIN numbers at ATM machines.

Consumers can save themselves from identity theft in a number of ways. Most effective solution among them is “credit freeze.” A freeze means that no new credit can be taken out for your name and your credit report not released without any express authorization.

Few other actions which consumers can take to overcome the problems of identity theft are as follows:

  • Inform if you lost your credit cards immediately to the authorized companies.
  • Keep your personal information hide from all others.
  • Never leak out personal information over the phone calls, through the mail etc.
  • Never write credit card information or any other financial account numbers on envelopes/postcards etc.
  • Do not use simple passwords which are easy to be hacked by others
  • Always keep track of financial accounts and billing statements for any unexpected charges.