Following are some of the steps which may help for minimizing the risk of identity theft :-

  • By protecting social security number from all others , give it only when find absolute necessary.
  • Keep emails and trash with a lot of care.
  • Keep verify all sources before sharing any type of information with them.
  • Prevent your wallet, purse etc from all others, never give it to anyone for any purpose.
  • Credit freeze failure :?While a credit freeze can help an identity thief from opening most new accounts on your name’s behalf, so it s not the permanent solution to all types of identity theft. So, so not trust only on credit freeze ways.


Since no one really knows how many victims never tried to file a formal report, so these numbers may significantly undercount the actual number of victims. Among all those, credit card fraud is the most common complaint. So, try to save yourself from all such frauds.